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RSE Newsletter - ReSourcE - Autumn 2016 Issue 52


This edition of ReSourcE features articles on: how the detection of gravitational waves has helped in the development of the growth of 3-D bones; a new funder for RSE Enterprise Fellowships; RSE comments on the implications and opportunities of BREXIT and the Scottish Government’s delivery plan for Education; the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance; the Young Academy of Scotland’s recent new members; the Research Awards Reception for 2016; as well as coming RSE events and latest achievements of some of our Fellows.

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Research Awards Reception Programme 2016

Science Scotland 19 - Innovation Centres (Chinese version)

The latest edition of Science Scotland has now been translated into Chinese. Read the English version below.

Science Scotland 19 - Innovation Centres: Connecting the Future

In 2013, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise and Highland and Island Enterprise, encouraged the formation of a ‘new breed of Innovation Centres’ to support transformational collaboration between universities and businesses.

This latest Issue of Science Scotland (No. 19) provides an update on the Scottish Innovation Centres and the progress they have made since they were established.

New Fellows 2016


Science Scotland 18 - Focus on the RSE Young Academy of Scotland

The Royal Society of Edinburgh launched the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) in November 2011, to bring together the country's most dynamic young leaders. It is the only Young Academy in the UK, and is based on a model developed by the national academies in Germany and Holland. Although it has become part of a growing international movement, the YAS is also unique because it is the only institution of its kind that brings together young professionals from across the whole spectrum of business, the humanities and science, as well as representatives from government and civil society.

In this edition of Science Scotland, the strengths of the YAS are illustrated by the wide range of examples of multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations by YAS members - the innovative use of new technologies, and the enterprising approach of researchers, in everything from medicine and psychology to education, history, the media and cultural identityt, particle physics and astrobiology.

Annual Review 2015 - Inspiration, Engagement, Expertise

In recent years, the work of the Royal Society of Edinburgh has expanded and diversified, and over the last 12 months that work has gathered pace. We group our activities under three main headings: Inspiration, Engagement and Expertise and within the pages that follow, a number of the main accomplishments from the past year are highlighted.

The Trustees Report & Accounts are also available to view online.


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