Prizes - Historical

Prizes - Historical


David Anderson-Berry Medal

For recent work on the effects of X-rays and other forms of radiation on living tissues. History of the David Anderson-Berry Medal

Bicentenary Medal

Established in 1983 to commemorate the bicentenary of the Society and recognises distinguished Service to the Society.  History of the Bicentenary Medal

W S Bruce Medal

For notable contribution to Zoology, Botany, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography or Geography. It should represent new knowledge, or be the outcome of a personal visit to polar regions by the recipient. History of the W S Bruce Medal.

Keith Medal

For a paper on a scientific subject presented in the first instance to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, preference being given to a paper containing a discovery. History of the Keith Medal

Neill Medal

For a work or publication, by a Scottish Naturalist, preferably based in Scotland, on some branch of Natural History, completed or published within the last five years.  History of the Neill Medal.

Prize Lectureships

BP Prize Lectureship in the Humanities

Humanities Prize Lecture alternating between, Language, Literature and the Arts; Archaeological and Historical Studies; Social Studies; Philosophy, Theology and Law.  History of the BP Prize Lecture

CRF Prize Lectureship

Prize lecture alternating annually between Biomedical Sciences and Arts & Letters.  History of the CRF Prize Lectureship

Henry Dryerre Prize Lectureship

Prize lecture to be given by a distinguished scholar in the field of medical research.  History of the Henry Dryerre Prize Lectureship. 

Henry Duncan Prize Lectureship

To be given by a scholar of any nationality for work of international repute in Scottish Studies. History of the Henry Duncan Prize Lectureship

Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prize Lectureship

Awarded in recognition of original work by scientists resident in or connected with Scotland, in the following areas: Chemistry; Physics; Pure or Applied Mathematics. History of the Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prize Lectureship. 

Bruce-Preller Prize Lectureship

To an outstanding scientist in one of the following areas: Earth Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Medical Sciences; Biological Sciences or, at the discretion of Council, in some other branch of science. History of the Bruce Preller Prize Lectureship. 

James Scott Prize Lectureship

For a lecture on the fundamental concepts of Natural Philosophy. History of the James Scott Prize Lecture

Prizes and Awards

Alexander Ninian Bruce Prize

For meritorious research in Medical or Veterinary Physiology.  History of Alexander Ninian Bruce Prize. 

The Gannochy Trust Innovation Award

For innovation and achievement in Scotland. Read more about the Gannochy Trust Innovation Award

Macrobert Trusts/RSE Millennium Prize

 Tritech International Limited. This Prize was a one-off prize, only awarded in 2000

Makdougall Brisbane Prize

For particular distinction in the promotion of scientific research in the following fields: Physical Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Biological Sciences. History of the Makdougall Brisbane Prize


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