Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

AD = Advice Paper.  BR = Briefing Paper

March 2016


The Renewable Energy Sector in Scotland

January 2016


A Draft Land Use Strategy for Scotland 2016– 2021

September 2015

 AD15-20       The Opportunities from GM and Biotechnology for Scotland

August 2015


The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill


Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy Implementation Strategy

June 2015


Options for Scotland's Gas Future

April 2014


 The Rural Affairs and Environment Research Strategy for 2016-2021

December 2013


The Future of Scotland's Biodiversity: Discussion Summary

November 2013


Scotland's National Marine Plan

April 2013


Scotland Needs a Balanced Energy Policy

November 2012


Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Bill

September 2012

 AD 12-09

 The 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity


February 2012


The Scottish Government's Renewable Energy Targets for 2020

 September 2011


The Low-Carbon Economy: a briefing for Members of the Scottish Parliament

August 2011


Briefing for the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee

June 2011

AD 11-08

The National Marine Plan: a response to the Scottish Government’s pre-consultation

March 2011

AD 11-04

Management of Flood Risks

February 2011

AD 11-02

Scotland's Next Energy Revolution

BR 11-01

Future of Agricultural Support in Scotland 

December 2010

AD 10-16

A Land Use Strategy for Scotland 

June 2010

 AD 10-09

Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland

April 2010

AD 10-05

 Scotland's Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy

March 2010

AD 10-03

 Future Support for Agriculture in Scotland

December 2009

AD 09-17

Sustainable fisheries: reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

BR 09-05

Climate Change and the U.N Copenhagen Summit

September 2009

AD 09-11b

The Development and Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland

AD 09-11a

A Framework for the Development of Clean Coal

BR 09-04

Debate in the Scottish Parliament on Scotland's Energy Future

June 2009

AD 09-07

Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Health Check in Scotland. A response to the Scottish Government

AD 09-08

Preparing for a Changing Climate, Second Consultation to Inform Scotland’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework: a response to the Scottish Government

AD 09-09

Supplementary Advice Relating to the 3rd Stage Debate in the Scottish Parliament on the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill

May 2009


The Marine (Scotland) Bill. Letter to Rural Affairs and Environment Committee

March 2009

AD 09-04

A Coordinated Agenda for Marine, Environment and Rural Affairs Science

February 2009

AD 09-03

The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill: A response to the Scottish Parliament's Transport, Infrastructure, and Climate Change Committee




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