Innovation and the Economy

Innovation and the Economy


September 2016
AP16-23 Inequality: Good for the Rich, Bad for the Economy?

AP16-21 A Scottish Approach to Taxation                                                            

August 2016

AP16-19 Review of Enterprise Agencies                                                 

June 2016

AP16-15 Innovation Centres


Air Passenger Duty                                                                                    

February 2016


Demography of Scotland

November 2015

AP 15-23

The Scottish Fiscal Commission (Scotland) Bill

August 2015

AP 15-16        The Science Budget

July 2015

AP 15-12        Competitive and Fair Taxation

June 2015

AP 15-10

Scottish Fiscal Commission legislative proposals


Entrepreneurial Education in Scotland

 April 2015


The Growth Capital Market for Emerging Companies in Scotland


Nurse Review of Research Councils

AP 15-04

Scotland's Fiscal Framework

March 2015


Dowling Review: Development of long-term research collaboration between universities and business

February 2015


Scotland in the UK: An 'Enduring' Settlement

September 2014


 Digital skills for the future workforce

August 2014


UK Science and Innovation Strategy 2014

June 2014


The Supply of Growth Capital for Emerging High-Potential Companies in Scotland

March 2014


Inquiry into Scotland's Economic Future Post-2014

September 2013


 Proposals for an Independent Fiscal Body in Scotland

August 2013


The National Performance Framework

March 2013


Triennial Review of Research Councils

October 2012

AP 12-11

Development of a Single 'Knowledge Exchange Office'

AP 12-10

The Financing of Business Innovation in Scotland

August 2012

AP 12-08

Draft Scottish Budget 2013 - 14

AP 12-07

Fiscal Sustainability: Demographic Change and Ageing Population

February 2012

AP 12-01

 'Bridging the Valley of Death': Research Commercialisation

BP 12-01

 Scottish Parliament Debate: Scotland's Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure

 November 2011

AP 11-15

 Scotland's Broadband Infrastructure

 October 2011

BR 11-05

 Scottish Government's Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13

December 2010

AD 10-15

Innovation-Friendly Scotland: Priorities for Innovation & Business Development

September 2010

AD 10-12

Scotland's Enterprise Network

August 2010

AD 10-11

Preventive Spending

June 2010

AD 10-09

Towards a Low-Carbon Economy for Scotland

March 2010

AD 10-04

The efficient delivery of public services within a period of tightening public expenditure.

January 2010

AD 10-01

Impact of the Lisbon Treaty on Scotland

September 2009


Reform of the European Union Budget - building on a response to the Scottish Parliament


Reform of the European Union Budget


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