Law, Government and International Relations

Law, Government and International Relations

September 2016


 Scotland and Europe                                                  

March 2016


 UK Government Anti-Lobbying Clause

November 2015


Human Rights

September 2015


Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill: Scottish Parliament's Education and Culture Committee

July 2015


 Lobbying Transparency Bill

June 2015

AD 15-10

Scottish Fiscal Commission legislative proposals

May 2015

AD 15-06

The Education (Scotland) Bill

April 2015

AD 15-04

 Scotland's Fiscal Framework

February 2015

AD 15-02

Scotland in the UK: An 'Enduring' Settlement

October 2014

AD 14-12

Europe 2020

August 2014

AD 14-08

Community Empowerment and Capacity Building

February 2014

AD 14-01

BBC Trust Draft Guidelines for the Coverage of the Referendum on Independence

September 2013

AD 13-10

Proposals for an Independent Fiscal Body in Scotland

August 2013

AD 13-08

 The National Performance Framework

January 2013

AD 13-02

Public Services Reform

August 2012

AD 12-08

 Draft Scottish Budget 2013 - 14

AD 12-07

Fiscal Sustainability: Demographic Change and Ageing Population

 April 2012

AD 12-05

Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists

March 2012

 AD 12-04

 A Referendum on Scottish Independence

December 2011

 AD 11-16

Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Bill: a response to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee

October 2011

BR 11-05

Scottish Government Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13

 September 2011

AD 11-14

The role of Chief Scientific Advisers: a response to the House of Lords's Select Committee

AD 11-12

 Preventative Spending in the 2012-13 Draft Budget and Spending Review

June 2011

AD 11-08

The National Marine Plan: a response to the Scottish Government’s pre-consultation

AD 11-07

Carloway Review of the Law and Practice Relating to the Detention and Questioning of Suspects

May 2011

AD 11-06

Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding: a response to the European Commission

November 2010

AD 10-14

Double Jeopardy (Scotland)

July 2010


Scotland's International Engagement

June 2010

AD 10-08

Reform of Double Jeopardy

May 2010


End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill

April 2010


Scotland's Higher Activity Radioactive Waste Policy

March 2010


The efficient delivery of public services within a period of tightening public expenditure

January 2010


Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Bill - including proposals for minimum pricing


Impact of the Lisbon Treaty on Scotland

December 2009


Sustainable fisheries: reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

November 2009


Scotland and the UK: cooperation and communication between governments

September 2009


Reform of the European Union Budget - Building on a response to the Scottish Parliament


Reform of the European Union Budget

June 2009


Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Health Check in Scotland. A response to the Scottish Government.

April 2009


Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill: The Provisions in regard to the purposes and principles of sentencing and the Scottish Sentencing Council. A response to the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee.

February 2009


Commission on Scottish Devolution


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