Support for Meetings

Support for Meetings


  • ‎Assistance may be given to Fellows and Members of the Young  Academy of Scotland wishing to ‎organise small scale (no more than 150 participants), specialist meetings or symposia in Scotland ‎that are outwith the Society’s and Young Academy’s own programme of meetings.  Such ‎support may be provided also for meetings organised jointly by the RSE or Young Academy and ‎some other organisation, or for meetings organised by individual Fellows/Members with the support ‎of the Society.  Joint applications from a Fellow and Young Academy Member will be ‎considered more favourably by the Grants Committee than individual applications.‎
  • Grants or loans may be made to assist Fellows/Members in the initial stages of organising meetings ‎although they should not be regarded simply as a contribution to the general funding of meetings.  ‎Grants will be considered for assisting specific named visitors to major meetings.  In all cases the ‎assistance of the Society should be specifically recognised in advertising meetings.‎
  • Support for major meetings should not be made by way of application to the Grants Committee.  If ‎there is a case for RSE involvement in such a meeting the approach should be made at an early ‎stage to the Chief Executive.‎
  • The actual amount awarded will depend on the size of the meeting and be subject to a maximum of ‎‎£750 for any one meeting.  Some support may be provided in the form of a loan, possibly payable in ‎advance of the meeting but repayable as a first charge upon the income of the meeting.  The ‎sponsoring Fellow/Member will be expected to submit a full report and statement of accounts after ‎the meeting has taken place.‎
  • When applications for Support for Meetings are successful, the organisers must acknowledge the ‎Society’s assistance in the programme, etc.‎
  • As with all RSE grants, applications should be made at least four months in advance of the ‎event for which support is being sought.  Retrospective applications will not be considered.‎
  • In the event that the time of the proposed meeting and the meetings of the Grants Committee and ‎any other funding body concerned require simultaneous applications to be made, the RSE will make ‎a provisional grant on the understanding that the Society will be reimbursed appropriately when the ‎amount awarded from other sources has been decided.  If a Fellow/Member is ineligible for, or has ‎failed to obtain, a grant from other sources, he/she may apply for the overall costs, subject to limits ‎already stated.‎
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit a full report after the Meeting has taken place.  ‎Fellows/Members who do not submit reports may not be permitted to make future applications to the ‎Grants Committee.  Please see below for report format.‎

Forms and Guidance

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