Research Visitors to Scotland

Research Visitors to Scotland


  • Applications should be made by the Fellow of the RSE and/or Member of theYoung Academy of Scotland who will collaborate with the Research Visitor.  Joint applications from Fellows and Members of the Young Academy of Scotland will be considered more favourably by the Grants Committee than individual applications.
  • Awards may be made to assist Research Visitors to Scotland from other centres in the UK or abroad to undertake collaborative research work with a Fellow of the Society and/or a Member of the Young Academy of Scotland for a period normally not exceeding one month.  
  • Early application is essential so that a grant can be made by the Committee before the arrival of the Visitor, and the support of the Society can be acknowledged in advertising events in which the Visitor is taking part.  
    Grants may be used as a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses subject to a maximum of £600 for Research Visitors coming from Europe to Scotland and £900 for Research Visitors coming from outside Europe to Scotland.  
  • Fellows are normally expected to seek funds from other United Kingdom grant giving sources e.g. Royal Society, British Academy, British Council, Arts Council, or employing institutions.  Fellows are also encouraged to seek support from sources outwith the United Kingdom.
  • In the event that the time of the proposed visit and the meetings of the Grants Committee and any other funding body concerned require simultaneous applications to be made, the RSE will make a provisional grant on the understanding that the Society will be reimbursed appropriately when the amount awarded from other sources has been decided.  If a Fellow is ineligible for, or has failed to obtain, a grant from other sources, he/she may apply for the overall costs, subject to limits already stated.
  • As with all RSE grants, applications should be made at least four months in advance of the event for which support is being sought.  Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Forms and Guidance

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