Support for Publications

Support for Publications


  • Awards may be made to assist in the publication of books written by Fellows of the Society and Members of the Young Academy of Scotland.
  • Such awards will be in the form of a guarantee against loss and not as a subsidy or grant-in-aid of publication. 
  • Applicants should arrange with the publishers to make available, in confidence, the Reader’s report on the work.  An award will only be considered if there is a positive recommendation that the work be published.  In addition a copy of any agreement or draft agreement between the author and the publisher is required.
  • It is a condition of any award that the author and the publisher agree to any sum paid by the Society to the publisher as a guarantee against loss being repaid by the publisher to the Society without interest, before a payment to the author of any fee or royalty.
  • The maximum amount of any guarantee will be £1000 for any one book but applicants may also seek support from other organisations such as the Carnegie Trust or their parent institutions.  The Society may consider matching such awards and details of any support already granted or applied for must be provided.
  • In the event that the time of the proposed visit and the meetings of the Grants Committee and any other funding body concerned require simultaneous applications to be made, the RSE will make a provisional grant on the understanding that the Society will be reimbursed appropriately when the amount awarded from other sources has been decided.  If a Fellow/Member is ineligible for, or has failed to obtain, a grant from other sources, he/she may apply for the overall costs, subject to limits already stated, and to the two-year rule.
  • As with all RSE grants, applications should be made at least four months in advance of the event or project for which support is being sought.  Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Forms and Guidance

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