Our Environmental Contribution

Our Environmental Contribution

In September 2010 the RSE Trustees set objectives and targets to achieve an overall reduction of between 25% - 30% in RSE's carbon emissions by 2020.  This commits the RSE to:

  • Reducing the amount of waste it produces and its consumption of raw materials
  • Ensuring that the waste it does produce is handled, stored and disposed of as required not only by legislation, but in an environmentally friendly way
  • Reducing the impact of its business travel
  • Increasing the environmental awareness and understanding  of its employees and others
  • Training its employees to enable them to help the RSE to meet its target.

The actions needed to achieve its target are championed by the Director of Corporate Services, ably supported by a "Green Team" which comprises volunteer staff.

In March 2011, the RSE also published its report entitled Facing up to Climate Change which makes a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring Scotland and its people are best equipped to deal with the impact of climate change.


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