International Exchanges - Open Programme

International Exchanges - Open Programme

The Open Programme was launched in 2003 to allow researchers to further collaborations with research groups in any countries (non-UK) or institutes not covered by the bilateral programme. Applications are invited for researchers to travel to or from a Scottish research institution. The RSE meets the costs of international travel, accommodation and subsistence. As with the Bilateral Programme, both visitors and overseas hosts should have established contact before submitting an application, either by previous collaboration or by scientific correspondence.


  • The Exchange programmes are open to Fellows and non-Fellows
  • Researchers traveling should have at least a PhD or equivalent at the time of travel
  • Visits should be 1-4 weeks in duration
  • Applications should be submitted at least 3 months before the proposed visit date
  • Researchers from Scotland (whether visiting or hosting a visit) should be based in a Scottish research institution.
  • Both visitors and hosts must have established contact before application
  • Applications for the Open Programme can be in any discipline area, however, research should be of an academic rather than clinical nature
  • Applications are judged by open competition on scientific merit. The decision of the selection committee is final.
  • We will normally only consider applications made for repeat or return visits following receipt of reports of the first visit so that they may be judged in light of the outcomes of the initial activity
  • Funding for return or repeat visits is not guaranteed
  • Check FCO travel advice for guidance on travel to the destination country
  • Please check each exchange programme for any specific eligibility criteria

Closing Date

The Open Programme is not currently available.


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