Small Research Grants in Arts and Humanities

Small Research Grants in Arts and Humanities

Small Research Grants are designed to support personally conducted research, in any one or more of the following ways: travel to libraries, archives or other repositories of primary resources related to the project; attendance at academic conferences, colloquia or workshops which will further, or disseminate, research outcomes; assistance with publication costs of scholarly books (for example, in the form of guarantee against loss, or for illustrative material); visits to, or from, scholars with significant academic reputations in the applicant’s discipline; support for a programme of Knowledge Exchange activities.  Costs incurred in hosting a conference, colloquium, workshop or seminar, are not eligible under this scheme.  Applications for these costs should be made under the Workshop and Network awards.  Funding of £500 up to £7,500 is available per Small Grant.

The main purpose of this scheme is to promote the research of the individual scholar whilst ensuring the high quality of research is maintained and advanced, and that outcomes are disseminated appropriately to the academic community, the public, the private sector, the Scottish Government and the third sector as appropriate (eg Creative Scotland, Historic Scotland, NHS Scotland and the creative industries).  Knowledge Exchange is an important part of these awards and will be taken into account when the selection of projects is made.  It must exist between the creators and potential users of this research and should be informed by, or developed with, the potential users.

Under this scheme strict adherence to the key principles of the RSE’s Arts & Humanities Awards programme ie collaborative research, relevance in the Scottish context, and knowledge exchange, is desirable but not essential.

These awards are not available for the payment of replacement staff, for the employment of a research assistant or administrator, or for the purchase of equipment.

Applications for this scheme are currently closed.

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