Research Networks in Arts and Humanities

Research Networks in Arts and Humanities

The programme of Research Networks is designed to create and/or to consolidate collaborative partnerships over a two year period. ‘Partnerships’ may be defined in a range of ways, and may involve collaboration between colleagues in different disciplines (which may extend into areas beyond the arts and humanities), in different HEIs, and / or in HEIs and Scottish Cultural Institutions.

A Network award may support administration costs connected to the project; cover related travel expenses to archives, libraries, performances, exhibitions, conferences etc., by the participants; facilitate meetings of collaborators; and promote a range of outputs, for both academic and popular audiences, as appropriate to the subject of enquiry.  The maximum award will be £20,000 per Network, over two years.  

The award may be used to expand the activities of existing Research Workshops, or to initiate new projects, although evidence of previous successful collaborative work amongst the participants will be an advantage.

As the Network award is for two years, applicants should provide a clear strategic plan for the progress of the project over the period of the award, indicating key ‘milestones’ in the programme, as well as an indication as to how the collaboration might be progressed and supported in the future.  A Network award may be seen as a key step in the formulation of a major research proposal, if that is considered appropriate.

Applications for this scheme are currently closed.

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