Major Research Grants in Arts and Humanities

Major Research Grants in Arts and Humanities

The programme of Major Research Grants is designed to develop and enhance understanding of human culture both past and present, and to support investigations in Scotland that will lead to advances in creativity, intellectual insights and knowledge that are of value to the research community and of use in wider social contexts.  The Major Research Grants are not currently available.

A successful Major Research Grant will adhere to the three principles already established in the RSE’s Programme of Research Networks, Workshops and Small Grants:-


it will demonstrate fruitful inter-institutional and/or inter-disciplinary collaboration as appropriate to the specific needs of the project, collaborations with Scottish Cultural Institutions are encouraged.


it will engage with issues that enhance knowledge and understanding of Scottish intellectual, creative and cultural life in ways which resonate with contemporary Scottish society.


the outcomes of the project will be disseminated both by traditional academic means and in a manner accessible to a non-specialist audience, in ways appropriate to the research topic.  

Support provided

A Major Research Grant will provide the Principal Investigator with funding for three years to support the following:-


the appointment of a research assistant/postdoctoral fellow/professional practitioner of equivalent standing. (The employment of such an individual would normally be expected under this award and Full Economic Costs at 80% will be provided).


a postgraduate research student


administrative costs


costs of technical support


travel costs (includes travel for the PhD student and RA on the project)


conference costs related to the project ie expenses incurred in project members hosting or attending conferences relevant to the project. Refreshments when attending a conference organised by another party/organisation are seen as a conference cost. 


costs of equipment necessary to the research


costs of dissemination of the outcomes.


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