Digital Scotland

Digital Scotland

Digital Scotland - October 2010

Scotland must aim for country-wide access to broadband speeds of at least 16Mb/s by 2015, and should establish a Digital Scotland Trust to deliver and operate a backbone fibre infrastructure that will bring high speed broadband within reach of all our communities. These are the recommendations of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s report, Digital Scotland, published on 26 October 2010.

February 2011: Digital Scotland - The Way Ahead, a response to the BIS report "Britain's Superfast Broadband Future"

April 2011: Ambition for a Digital Scotland, a call for Scotland's political parties to commit to a high-speed Scotland, ahead of the May election.

Following the publication of Digital Scotland, the RSE worked with the Scottish Documentary Institute and film-makers Pulkka to make a short (7 min) film on some of the themes raised in the report, including why Scotland needs fibre backbone to connect all its communities

Digital Futures from Pulkka on Vimeo.


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