2011 Events

2011 Events

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December 2011

RSE Christmas Lecture 2011: To the Ends of the Earth: Scotland's Global Diaspora

The Arab Spring: Tropes and Discourses

November 2011

Science as a Public Enterprise; Why and How should Science be Open?

Facing up to Climate Change: The future of Land Use in Scotland

Science and the Parliament

Communicating Science as Culture

October 2011

RSE-NSFC Workshop on Emerging Directions in Image Processing and Understanding, Beijing, China

Renewable Energy Networking Event

Reflections on Hong Kong and China

September 2011

Nation, Town, Memory - Krakow Experience

Young China, Young Scotland

Doors Open Day

Facing up to Climate Change Discussion Forum

Radiation and Reason: Straight and Open Thinking about Choosing Nuclear

August 2011

Festival of Politics. Whose Heritage, Whose Society?

Research Awards Reception.  Recognising Leading Researchers

June 2011

Mathematics in the Real World: From Brain Tumours to Saving Marriage

Gardens in Art and Science

Trident: The Debate. A Mock Trial.

Your Genes and Clinical Research - Being More than a Guinea Pig?

Seeing Scotland Afresh - How We Look to a Changing World - Michael Shea Memorial Lecture.

Understanding and influencing the Scottish Parliament

Preventing Cancers of the Breast and Colon by How We Choose to Live Each Day

May 2011

Fantin-Latour: Flower Painter Extraordinaire

The Lowland Clearances and the Transformation of Southwest Scotland

A Healthy Message? Understanding the History and Exploring the Future of Public Health Campaigns in Scotland

The significance of David Hume: Scepticism, Science, and Superstition

Robert Cormack Bequest Meeting

Land Use: How Do We Resolve the Never-ending Conflicts?

April 2011

Selkies, Kelpies and Watery Tales.

The European Nitrogen Cycle in a Global Context

Early Watchers of the Skies – Makdougall Brisbane and Other Great Scottish Astronomers

March 2011

Galloway Waterways

Assisted Dying: The debate, A Mock Trial

Assisted Dying

The Twin Towers: 10 years – 10 Lessons on Sustainable Infrastructure

Gannochy Trust Innovation Award Prize Lecture.

February 2011

On our Humble Dumfries Boards:  the plays, the performers and some of the politics in the first ten years of the Dumfries Theatre.

Food Security and Sustainability: One Can't Make an Omelette Without Cracking Some Eggs

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, the Stevensons and Emerging Issues in Aids to Navigation

Why Do We Need a Lighthouse? The Bell Rock and the Stevensons Now.


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