Prize History

Prize History

2014 Winners and Prize Lectures


The results for the 2014 RSE Prizes for Public Engagement supported by The James Weir Foundation have now been decided and the RSE is delighted to announce the winners of both the Innovator and Senior prize.

Innovator’s Public Engagement Prize to Dr Kevin O’Dell, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow, for his outstanding contribution to public engagement through his skills in both genetics and communication to engage young adults with the world of genetics, particularly through his Zombie Science shows.

Senior Public Engagement Prize to Professor Andrew Whiten FRSE FBA, Wardlaw Professor of Psychology and Professor of Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology, University of St Andrews, for his extensive, creative and unique forms of public engagement, particularly as founding Director of the “Living Links to Human Evolution” Research Centre at Edinburgh Zoo.

These prize lectures are due to take place in March 2015 in North Ayrshire. Further details will be confirmed soon.

2013 Winners and Prize Lectures

The RSE was pleased to announce that the Professor Caroline Wilkinson and Professor Chris Speed were the winners of the 2013 Prizes for Public Engagement.

Professor Caroline Wilkinson received the Senior Prize for her work in public engagement, which she has been involved in for over 15 years. Professor Chris Speed was awarded the Innovator's Prize for his creative use of digital technology to enable members of the broader society to better understand their surroundings and history.

The Prize lectures took place across Wick and Thurso on 19 and 20 March 2014. Thurso and Wick High School both received lectures from Professor Wilkinson on facial reconstruction while Professor Speed visited a 5th and 6th year class at Wick School to give advise to pupils who were working on a project to create new mobile phone applications. There was also a main public lecture where Professor Speed and Professor Wilkinson were award their medals from RSE Vice President of Humanities Professor Graham Caie. This lecture took place on the evening on 19 March at the Mackay's Hotel in Wick where roughly 150 people attended to hear Professor Wilkinson give a talk on facial identity in relation to ancestry.


2012 Winners

The RSE and Edinburgh Beltane were delighted to ‎announce Professor Tom Devine and Dr ‎Nicola Stanley-Wall as the 2012 winners of the RSE Beltane Prizes for Public Engagement.‎

Professor Tom Devine OBE FRSE, one of Scotland’s leading historians was ‎awarded the ‎Senior Prize and ‎The University of Dundee’s Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall was announced as the ‎‎winner of the Innovator’s Prize.‎

The 2012 prize winner’s event ‘Scottish History in Question’ took place on September 17th ‎as part of the launch of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s outreach programme. ‎RSE@Lochaber. A report from this event is available to download. ‎‎

2011: The Inaugural Year of the RSE Beltane Prizes for Public Engagement

Two Prizes were made in the pilot year of the Award.

Firstly The RSE Beltane Senior Prize for Public Engagement was awarded to a Professor Aubrey Manning, a well established and respected communicator in his field.

Secondly the RSE Beltane Innovators Prize for Public Engagement was awarded to Joanna Brooks, a PhD student from the University of Edinburgh. The judges believed Joanna to be an emerging talent, who although does not have a long history of engagement shows enormous promise as an innovator in the field.


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