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St Andrews University

The St Andrews University History of Mathematics archive contains the biographies of more than 1600 mathematicians, some of them RSE Fellows.

Bright Lights - The Stevenson Engineers 1752-1971.

This book stems from the Stevenson Family of Engineers Symposium held at the Royal Museum of Scotland in 1994.Its wide ranging coverage consists of fascinating family reminiscences by Mrs Jean Leslie, grand-daughter of Charles Stevenson, and professional comment on engineering aspects by Professor Roland Paxton. From these completely differing standpoints new light is shed on one of the world's most remarkable engineering families - the Stevensons, no less than seven of whom achieved fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Copies can be obtained from: Professor Roland Paxton, Civil & Offshore Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS

ISBN: 0 9535514 0 7

John Miller

The Scottish Railway pioneer, John Miller who was a Fellow of the RSE for forty two years has been commemorated on the bicentenary of his birth, July 26 2005. RSE Fellow, Professor Roland Paxton was the driving force behind a tribute recognising that Miller engineered most of Scotland’s early main lines, including the first cross-border one and the Edinburgh to Glasgow line for which Haymarket was the capital’s terminus. A plaque presented by the Institution of Civil Engineers was unveiled by Sarah Boyack, MSP at Haymarket Station on the two hundredth anniversary of Miller’s birth. The following day The Scottish Parliament congratulated Professor Paxton on “his efforts to secure the recognition Miller deserves as one of the outstanding British railway engineers”


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