Guidance and Forms

Guidance and Forms

Applications for this scheme are currently open and will close on 28 September 2016 at 5pm.

All applicants should download and read the Further Particulars document before completing an application.  

We are trialling a new system and all applicants are asked to register for an account at before submitting their application. Once an account has been created, prospective applicants can download all relevant documentation from the "Apply for Funding" section of their account. 

Arts and Humanities for the purposes of the RSE awards are defined as:- Language, Literature, History, Creative and Performing Arts, Philosophy, Theology and Law.  

The RSE Arts & Humanities programme is funded by the Scottish Government and has three key principles, namely:-


Collaboration - collaboration is encouraged between academic institutions and cultural institutions.  For the purposes of the awards, a Scottish Cultural Institution is defined as "one which seeks to preserve, and to promote knowledge and understanding of, Scottish cultural heritage in the built environment, the visual arts, literature, music, philosophy, theatre and media, and/or to support contemporary endeavours in these areas, both theoretical and applied, in order to ensure the continuance and development of a vibrant cultural climate in the nation".


Importance in the Scottish context - successful research projects will engage with issues that enhance knowledge and understanding of Scottish intellectual, creative and cultural life in ways which will resonate with contemporary Scottish society.


Knowledge Exchange - A major criterion for a successful project is that a substantial proportion of its research outcomes is accessible to a non-specialist audience through knowledge exchange. Traditional humanities research, disseminated by means of the publication of monographs and articles in prestigious journals, and practice-led and applied research in the arts and cultural strategy, culminating in an exhibition, a performance, or a policy document will be eligible for funding. It is expected that academic colloquia and conferences will be complemented by a programme of public lectures, open discussions, presentations on radio and television, and/or a website.  Knowledge exchange must exist between the creators and potential users of the research and should be informed by, or developed with, the users.

The Workshop, Network and Major Research Grant awards must adhere to these three key principles.  The Small Grants are for individual research projects so there is less emphasis on them adhering to these key principles, however it is desirable.
The Scottish Government funds the RSE's Arts and Humanities programme and as such projects must contribute to one or more of the Scottish Government's National Outcomes.


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