• Applicants from overseas who are temporarily resident in Scotland or elsewhere in the United Kingdom OR applicants from Scotland who are temporarily resident in another European country at the time of applying will not be considered eligible.
  • The Fellowships will not be awarded to persons who are currently studying for a degree (e.g. PhD) either in the United Kingdom or overseas.
  • Grants of up to £6000 are available for visits of up to six months at a rate of £1000 per month to contribute towards the cost of travel, subsistence and relevant study costs.  
  • Visits may be between two and six months and, in appropriate cases, planned breaks of study may be permitted and in exceptional circumstances the ensuing travel costs may be funded. 
  • Applicants for the scheme for academic staff from Scotland to visit other European centres of learning and research should normally be continuing members of academic, or academic-related, staff at a Scottish HEI. 
  • For both schemes, applicants must have more than five years' postdoctoral experience on the closing date.

Visits to Europe

Applications are invited from scholars working in Scotland, who should be continuing members of academic or academic-related staff at a Scottish HEI, and whose research would benefit from a short period (2-6 months) spent in a European country outwith the UK.

Visits to Scotland

Applications are also invited from scholars in European countries outwith the UK, who would benefit from a similar period spent in Scotland. Scholars from Europe wishing to study in Scotland must be nominated by members of academic staff from HEIs in Scotland. The Nominator must submit the completed form and will be responsible for the organisation of the visit and the disbursement of any grants provided under this scheme.  Applicants from Europe should normally be employed in a recognised centre of higher education or research.  In addition it is the responsibility of the Nominator to ensure that the Fellow submits his/her report of the visit within 2 months of the end of the Fellowship

Application Forms and Regulations

Applications for this scheme are currently open and will close on 1 November 2016 at 5pm

 We are trialling a new system and all applicants are asked to register for an account at before submitting their application. Once an account has been created, prospective applicants can download all relevant documentation from the "Apply for Funding" section of their account. 











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