Forms and Guidance

Forms and Guidance

Nominations may only be submitted by Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Fellowship Nominations

Please find below the nomination forms for the May 2016 deadline. Please note that these will be updated for the 2017 deadline, so should only be used for reference at this time. Revised forms will be available in January 2017.

Nomination forms, Assessor forms and Updates must be submitted by 31 May each year.  The forms are revised each year, so previous versions should not be used.  In addition, there are now separate forms for private and public sector management candidates, which are more suited to their expertise and experience, which should be used where appropriate.  Electronic copies only are now required.

The RSE aims to elect a diverse Fellowship, so to help us meet that aim, Candidates are asked to complete an Equal Opportunities form (available below).  The form is completed on an anonymous basis, will not be used in the selection process, and will not be reconciled with the nomination.


(PDF Files)

The RSE Electoral Process

Criteria for Election

Sectional Committee Disciplines

Current Sectional Committee Members

Nomination Forms

(Microsoft Word Documents)

Equal Opportunities Form - For Fellowship and Corresponding Candidates

Nomination Form - Fellowship

Nomination Form - Fellowship - Business

Nomination Form - Corresponding Fellowship

Nomination Form - Corresponding Fellowship - Business

Nomination Form - Honorary Fellowship

Nomination Form - Honorary Fellowship - Business

Assessor Form - All categories of Fellowship

Update Form for existing nominations

Update Form for existing nominations - Business


If for any reason you are unable to complete the forms electronically, please contact the RSE Fellows Office.


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