Election of Fellows

Election of Fellows

The Society appoints three categories of Fellow:

Honorary Fellows – of exceptional distinction and of any nationality or country of domicile.

Corresponding Fellows – must be resident overseas. Their level of distinction falls between that of Honorary Fellows and Fellows.

Fellows (formerly called Ordinary Fellows) – excellent and active in their careers with a clear and continuing connection with Scotland.


Candidates must not initiate their own nomination - candidates for Fellowship, Corresponding Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship must be nominated by an RSE Fellow (the Proposer), and supported by two other RSE Fellows (Assessors). 

Honorary and Corresponding Fellows are not excluded from being an Assessor for a nomination but they may not themselves nominate.

Only one Fellow associated with the nomination can be employed by the same Institution as the candidate.

A Fellow can propose/assess only two NEW nominations of Fellowship a year.  Nominations of female candidates are exempt from this restriction.  As are nominations of candidates from outside academia   Likewise, the restriction to two does not include new nominations for Corresponding or Honorary Fellowship. 

Current conveners of Sectional Committees and current members of the RSE Council may not be Proposers or Assessors of a new nomination.  Current members of Sectional Committees may not act as a Proposer or an Assessor of a nomination which is being considered by their own Sectional Committee.


 31 May

 Deadline for Nominations, Assessors Forms and Updates


 Sectional Committee Meetings


 Sector Group Meetings


 Fellowship Committee Meeting




 Ballot issued to all Fellows


 Ballots returned and counted by Scrutineers


 Scrutineers report presented to Council


 New Fellows contacted, in confidence


 New Fellows announced at Ordinary Meeting


 New Fellows Induction Day















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