Work Placements

Work Placements

Work Placements and Internships




Despite being a small organisation, the Royal Society of Edinburgh is able from time to time to offer opportunities for Work Placements or Internships. Work Placements and Internships are highly regarded by the organisation for the following reasons:

Benefits to the students

Students will gain invaluable work experience and networking opportunities.

Benefits to the RSE

The RSE gains in fresh new ideas and support with important projects which we may not have time to look at otherwise.

Benefits to RSE staff

It offers an opportunity for RSE staff to develop communication, organisational, team working and leadership skills as well as the opportunity to become a mentor.

Your experience at the RSE - BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership training programme.

In 2015, Sarah Heath worked on a specific project for the RSE Awards Team as part of the East Bio PIPSInternship (BBSRC) with the University of Edinburgh. Sarah started working on the project on 28/05/2015 and her last day with us was on Thursday 17 December 2015.It was a pleasure to work with her and her work was highly praised. On her last day, Sarah said:

The internship at the RSE was extremely useful as it allowed me to take on my own project in an area that was completely new to me. I really enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it to others!


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