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Schooling in Scotland

Posted 18/05/2012

In its response to the Commission on School Reform the RSE is clear that there is a need to consider what it is that the Scottish education system is trying to achieve. Much more consideration will need to be given to the factors that influence the decisions which learners make so that future learners are in a position to consider and take-up more diverse educational pathways.  

In order that Scottish education is capable of overcoming challenges that are, as yet, unforeseen, there is a need to have mechanisms in place which allow for curriculum review and refreshment. While the Scottish Government recognises the importance of research in areas such as science and technology, unfortunately, in the field of education, at least in the very recent past, there has been no priority given to the understanding that can come from independent systematic research. Without high quality evaluation, not only do we not know what is going well and what is not, without an evidence-base we have no way of developing a proper understanding or an ability to plan so that things go better.

The full response to the Commission on School Reform can be read here.

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