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Congratulations to Professor Peter Higgs FRS FRSE

Posted 06/07/2012

The RSE wishes to congratulate Professor Peter Higgs FRS FRSE and the team at CERN on the news that they have discovered a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

Professor Higgs, a Fellow of the RSE, was awarded one of the first ever Royal Society of Edinburgh Royal Medals by Her Majesty The Queen in July 2000.

This top accolade was presented to Professor Higgs for the enormous impact he has had on the world of Physics. His work has provided a key to the problem of the origin of mass. Peter Higgs has proposed a mechanism for the generation of mass in relativistic field theories with a local symmetry, namely the Higgs boson. His work has been a crucial step towards a unified theory of the forces of Nature, and his single idea has had a huge impact on Man’s understanding of Nature.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh Royal Medals were instituted by Her Majesty The Queen in the year 2000. They are awarded annually, to individuals who have achieved distinction and are of international repute in any of the following categories: Life Sciences; Physical and Engineering Sciences; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Business and Commerce. Candidates for the Royal Medals need not be RSE Fellows and should, preferably, have a Scottish connection, irrespective of place of domicile.

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