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RSE Prize Winners 2011/12 announced

Posted 06/08/2012

The Royal Society of Edinburgh has today announced the winners of its inaugural prizes, recognising some of the top talent in Scotland at both senior and early career levels.

Renowned historian, Professor Tom Devine (University of Edinburgh) receives the RSE/Sir Walter Scott Prize for his outstanding contribution to Scottish History. World pioneer in the growing field of geomicrobiology, Professor Geoffrey Gadd (University of Dundee) is awarded the RSE/Sir James Black Prize.  Professor Colin McInnes (University of Strathclyde), receives the RSE/Lord Kelvin Prize for his outstanding contribution to space systems engineering.

Each of these senior career Prize Winners will deliver a public lecture in Scotland as part of the RSE events programme, details of which will be publicisied on the RSE website when available.

Sir John Arbuthnott, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, commented, “It is a pleasure to be able to award these prizes to individuals who have contributed, and continue to contribute, so much to advancing understanding in their respective fields. Their achievements do much to cement Scotland’s place firmly at the cutting-edge of the global research community across a wide area of knowledge. A key role of the RSE is to promote public engagement with science and the arts and humanities. All of this year’s Prize Winners have shown passion and flair for communicating their work to audiences far and wide. I congratulate each of them on their achievements, and on winning this year’s RSE Prizes.”

Winners of the early career prizes include Dr Sharon Ashbrook (University of St Andrews) and Dr Rob Jenkins (University of Glasgow) who jointly receive the RSE/Makdougall Brisbane Medal, recognising excellent achievements of early career researchers in the physical sciences. Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall (University of Dundee), has been awarded the RSE/Patrick Neil Medal in the field of life sciences.

Full details can be found in the press release of 6 August 2012.
Images of prizewinners on page 7 of Summer ReSourcE.

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