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Helping Scotland tackle the global challenges of the 21st Century

Posted 05/10/2012

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland has invited applications to join its membership.

Visit the Young Academy Website for more information on applying

The Young Academy was established in 2011 and is associated with the Royal Society of
Edinburgh, which has a history dating back to 1783 and was influenced by many of the leading
figures in the Scottish Enlightenment.

The purpose of the Young Academy is to bring together the most able and innovative young
academics, entrepreneurs and professionals in Scotland with the aim of stimulating creative ideas
and collaborative working that will help Scotland tackle the global challenges of the 21st Century.

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland was the first such academy to be established in the UK and
is part of a growing network across Europe and beyond. Joining the initial cohort of 68 members,
the new members will enable the Young Academy to develop its programme of work and enhance
its influence.

Applications are now welcome from academics of all disciplines, and from the professions, the arts,
civil society and business, areas that are currently underrepresented in the Young Academy

Chris O’Sullivan, one of the co-chairs of the Young Academy of Scotland, said:
“We are grateful to the RSE for establishing the UK’s first Young Academy, as part of a wider
global movement, and look forward to continued close connections with the RSE and its fellows. It
has been a privilege to meet and work with colleagues with such varied professional interests and

The first group of members have, in a short time, engaged with policy and practice in areas such
as Scottish constitutional reform and Curriculum for Excellence. We have also opened discussions
on broad topic areas such as health and wellbeing, drawing from a range of academic and
professional perspectives to consider some of the challenges Scotland faces.
We look forward to being joined by new members from a range of academic and professional
backgrounds and from across Scotland.”

Sir John Arbuthnott, the RSE President added, "I have been enthused to meet the members of the
Young Academy and believe that they will individually and collectively make a great contribution to
Scotland and the world in the decades ahead.”

“The RSE established the Young Academy because we recognise that Scotland has many talented
and able young people, who, whilst currently at relatively early stages of their careers, can
contribute to one of the key aims of the RSE – the advancement of useful knowledge.”

The Young Academy next meets in Aberdeen on the 13th and 14th of September, hosted jointly by
The University of Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council.

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