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RSE @ Lochaber

Posted 01/10/2012

The Royal Society of Edinburgh is bringing a programme of events and activities to Lochaber from September 2012 - June 2013.  The launch event which took place on the 17th September 2012 at the Snowgoose Restaurant, Nevis Range, Fort William was well attended and and received by the local community. The Speaker was Scottish Historian, Professor Tom Devine FRSE, and it was chaired by local MP, Rt Hon Charles Kennedy.

While the programme is designed to appeal to all age groups, one key aim of this ‎RSE @ Lochaber initiative is to enhance the understanding and appreciation which ‎school children have of their local community by encouraging a sense of belonging to ‎an area rich in cultural and human resources. ‎

This new programme of free public lectures, schools’ talks and workshops will draw ‎on the expertise of the RSE’s highly distinguished Fellows and other experts from a ‎variety of disciplines. The programme launched on Monday 17th September 2012 ‎with a ‘Question Time’ style, free, public evening event, ‘Scottish History in Question’, ‎featuring renowned historian, Professor Tom Devine FRSE, University of Edinburgh, ‎at The Snowgoose Restaurant, Nevis Range, Fort William.  This event was chaired ‎by the Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP.‎

Professor Devine and Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall, Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology, ‎University of Dundee are this year’s winners of the RSE Beltane Prizes for Public ‎Engagement. They were presented with their awards at this event. The RSE ‎Beltane Prize for Public Engagement promotes excellence in the field of public ‎engagement and encourages public discussion on significant matters relating to ‎Scotland’s pioneering research and innovation.  Dr Stanley-Wall also  delivered the ‎first RSE @ Lochaber school event, ‘Bacteria Live in Communities’, a practical, ‎interactive workshop, to pupils at Lochaber High School on 17th September.‎

Other RSE @ Lochaber public lectures to be held in autumn will explore themes as ‎diverse as local history, film locations, astronomy, and the Large Hadron Collider. ‎This informative and thought-provoking public lecture programme will then extend to ‎June 2013, covering topics related to the region, including, amongst others, ‎engineering, literature, folklore, science and the arts.‎

During the school year 2012/2013, the RSE will also deliver inspirational educational ‎talks and workshops to primary and secondary schools across the region, exploring ‎issues such as names and identity, meteorology, reminiscence, local history, and the ‎local environment. In addition there will be opportunities for local secondary schools ‎to be involved in entrepreneurial activities. ‎

The RSE @ Lochaber project is supported by The Dulverton Trust,  The James Weir ‎Foundation, Beltane Public Engagement Network, RSE Sillitto Fund, RSE Heggie ‎Fund, RSE Fleck Fund, The Mackintosh Foundation, G M Morrison Charitable Trust,  ‎CalMac Ferries Ltd and Private Donations

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