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Scotland Needs a Balanced Energy Policy

Posted 01/05/2013

The RSE has prepared a briefing paper for MSPs as background for the debate on Scotland Needs a Balanced Energy Policy in the Scottish Parliament on 1st May 2013.

The RSE has been engaged in trying to inform energy policy for a number of years, including undertaking its own major inquiry, Energy Issues for Scotland, which reported in 2006.

The briefing paper highlights that in terms of security and reliability of energy supply, while the longer term goal may be to have a largely renewable source of energy, it will be necessary to utilise non-renewable sources in the short and medium term.  Diversity of energy sources is essential and all currently available sources and technologies will need to be considered as part of the energy “mix”, including renewables, clean technologies for fossil fuels and nuclear powered generation.

The RSE briefing paper can be read here.

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