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Open for nominations. RSE/BP Hutton Prize in Energy Innovation

Posted 18/07/2013

RSE/BP Hutton Prize in Energy Innovation

This award, funded by the BP Trust, and carrying a prize of £10,000, is made on a biennial basis by the Council of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, to an individual early career researcher based in Scotland, who has shown a significant individual contribution to energy innovation through research and knowledge exchange.

Closing date 6 September 2013

Read more about eligibility and download a nomination form

The 2011 winner was Dr David Wright, PGS Senior Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, whose innovation went on to be successfully commercialised through the spin-out company MTEM Ltd.

In 2004, MTEM Ltd spun out from the University of Edinburgh to commercialise research in electromagnetics for oil and gas exploration.  As a co-founder, Dr David Wright played a key part in the early development of this technology and continues to do so.  Commercial operations are still on-going in the North Sea and the technology complements conventional tools used in exploration and has other potential applications.

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