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The Future of Scotland\'s Biodiversity

Posted 11/12/2013

In September 2012 the RSE responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the draft Scottish Biodiversity Strategy. Following this response and in collaboration with Scottish Environment LINK, the RSE hosted a discussion forum earlier this year on the future of Scotland’s biodiversity.

The discussion summary can be read here.

This was an opportunity to discuss the value and importance of mainstreaming biodiversity in policy making; how we in Scotland deliver for biodiversity, and the opportunities and challenges this presents.

Implementation of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is a crucial consideration. The Scottish Government has recently set up a delivery and monitoring group with responsibilities relating to driving delivery of the Strategy’s outcomes and monitoring progress.

In order to deliver change it will be important that there is a shared vision for biodiversity among those in the rural affairs and environment sectors. Added to this, the public needs to be enthused and engaged if biodiversity is to be mainstreamed.

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