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BBC Trust Service Review on News and Current Affairs

Posted 19/12/2013

The RSE has called for the BBC Trust to consider the need to establish a guidance and review panel for Scotland to oversee output on the referendum, in its response to the Trust's Service Review on News and Current Affairs.

It also suggests that the BBC Trust should engage in scenario planning around the two possible outcomes of the referendum, as it is unlikely that, whatever the outcome, reversion to the status quo ante of news and current affairs services delivery will be appropriate.

More widely, the RSE response focuses on the need to find a balance in the content of the BBC's flagship news programmes that is relevant to the whole audience across the UK nations and regions. It highlights the decline of numbers of specialist correspondents in the devolved nations and suggests that such correspondents should be seen as a priority resource for the deilvery of well-informed and relevants news and current affairs.

Read the RSE's response to the BBC Trust Service Review on News and Current Affairs here.


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