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Proposals for Long-term Capital Investment in Science and Research

Posted 11/07/2014

The Royal Society of Edinburgh is pleased to respond to the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research. The RSE response focuses on what we believe are the key areas of consideration for capital investment in science and research.  

It is the view of the RSE that universities have proven excellence at driving innovation, and whilst National Centres of Excellence have an important role in capacity provision, this cannot replace investment that is directed by universities.

The RSE also recognises the importance of collaborative and interdisciplinary working, and makes suggestions for how investment can be delivered in ways that encourage and enable collaborations between institutions and with industry.

The RSE advises that while capital investment is vital to the research capabilities of higher education institutions, this is the case only if there is a sufficient revenue stream to support the maintenance and upgrading of the infrastructure invested in.

The RSE advice paper on the proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research can be read here.

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