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Community Empowerment and Capacity Building

Posted 18/08/2014

The Scottish Government is currently legislating to extend its policy of community empowerment through the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, which was introduced to Parliament on 11 June 2014.  Full details of the Bill are available from here.

Recognising that legislation is only one aspect of this work, the Scottish Government invited the RSE to organise a seminar to examine, in greater depth, some of the concepts underpinning community empowerment, and to consider some of the barriers to furthering its implementation.

The roundtable discussion was held at the RSE on 17 June 2014. It brought together those with relevant and recognised expertise in disciplines related to the policy of community empowerment, and experienced practitioners in community empowerment, community development, economic regeneration, and other relevant areas of policy and practice.

The RSE's report on the discussion is now available.

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