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UK Science and Innovation Strategy

Posted 27/08/2014

The RSE welcomes the opportunity to comment on what the scale and scope of the UK Science and Innovation system should look like by 2020.

The RSE response draws together key issues under the following headings:


Business Investment


Reaping the Benefits

The response highlights the importance of inter-disciplinary working to innovation, and suggests that access to national infrastructure should support these collaborations.

The RSE also draws attention to the importance of collaboration between academia and industry, and makes suggestions for how this can be improved and better enabled.

The response discusses education, and in particular practical, quantitative skills, and makes suggestions for improving these at all stages of education.

The RSE provides thoughts on how the existing research and innovation support structures can be improved, simplified and unified, and advises that a science and innovation strategy must cover all departments of Government.

Read the RSE response to the Science and Innovation Strategy consultation


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