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Digital Skills for the future workforce

Posted 30/08/2014

The RSE has responded to the recently established House of Lords Digital Skills Committee as it consults on the skills that will be needed by the future workforce if the UK is to be competitive on the global stage.

Considering the difficult question of how to prepare young people for careers that may not yet even exist, the RSE has emphasised the need to focus on literacy, numeracy and information literacy: skills that will enable everyone to carry on learning and adapting to an uncertain future, long after leaving formal education. These skills, together with digital literacy, must be at the core of Scotland's (and the UK's) education system; the responsibility of all teachers, across all subjects and at all stages. Teachers, and teachers in training, must be supported to develop and maintain their own abilities in these areas.

The RSE's response considers the different levels of understanding of digital technologies that will be required in a competitive future economy. It also comments on the inclusion issues that remain to be addressed in the move to a digital society and the support required by businesses if they are to make the most of digital opportunities.

This response to the House of Lords Digital Skills Committee builds on the RSE's recent major inquiry report 'Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation'.

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