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Curriculum for Excellence

Posted 30/09/2014

The Scottish Parliament's Education Committee is reviewing progress on the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and the new National Qualifications.

In doing so, it is holding evidence gathering sessions with the Cabinet Secretary for Education and members of the Curriculum for Excellence Management Board.

The RSE's Education Committee has produced a briefing paper to help inform the Scottish Parliament Education Committee's deliberations.

The RSE Education Committee has engaged extensively in monitoring and responding to the CfE and qualification-related reforms. The RSE has welcomed the aims and values of CfE, particularly: the focus on applications and real world relevance; the renewed interest in interdisciplinary and active learning, together with discussion, debate and critical thinking; and the greater scope given to schools and teachers to develop teaching and learning approaches which meet the needs of their pupils.

The RSE has, however, questioned the lack of clarity of the curricular proposals, the excessive complexity associated with assessment, and inadequacies in the way in which the reforms have been communicated to practitioners. The RSE has been very concerned about the absence of a strategy for independent evaluation of the reforms.

Read the RSE briefing paper to the Scottish Parliament's Education Committee.

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