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RSE submission to the Smith Commission

Posted 31/10/2014

In its submission to the Smith Commission the RSE chose to comment on only one issue, that being the future of research funding.

"In the circumstances that Scotland has voted to remain in the UK and that both Governments recognise the strength of the current framework, it is the view of the RSE that the Research Councils should continue to operate on a UK-wide basis".

"The RSE has sought to 'enlighten the constitutional debate' through a programme of discussion events that took place over a period of two years and which are summarised in a book which is available in electronic form."

"With the breadth of the Fellowship of the RSE and the need to involve our Fellows, there are many issues where it would be impossible to give an RSE viewpoint in such a short time as is available. However, if the Commission believes that it would be useful to speak to groups of RSE Fellows who have expertise in particular topics, we would be very happy to facilitate any such meetings".

Read the full letter here.

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