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European Scientific Adviser role abolished

Posted 17/11/2014

Following the announcement on Thursday 13 November 2014 that the position of Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) to the European Commission is being abolished, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, said,

‘The scrapping of the role is deeply disappointing. Only yesterday people across Europe were proudly celebrating the remarkable achievements of the Rosetta mission, itself a result of member states of the European Space Agency pooling resources and expertise in pursuit of new knowledge. Now we are left wondering where science advice will feature in EU policy making, and are concerned about the risk of important decisions being taken without regard for objective scientific knowledge and experience.’

A new European Political Strategy Centre is now being established; however, there are no plans to retain the Chief Scientific Adviser role. The position is currently held by Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and former Scottish CSA, Professor Anne Glover CBE.

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