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Evaluation of Curriculum for Excellence

Posted 03/12/2014

The absence of a systematic programme of independent evaluation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) has been a long-standing and key concern of the RSE Education Committee. The RSE therefore welcomes the Scottish Government’s decision to commission the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to undertake an independent review of CfE. The OECD review is expected to report by December 2015.

The RSE understands that the OECD review will focus on how the CfE reforms are being implemented and make recommendations, rather than undertake an in-depth evaluation of the impact of CfE. The RSE believes it is important to make this distinction, for the absence of a strategy having ever been in place for evaluating CfE means that there is a fundamental problem in the Scottish Government’s approach. This is due to there being no dedicated baseline data that would enable the effect of CfE to be assessed.

As part of its review, we would expect the OECD to comment on the quality and extent of the data available in Scotland. This would be an important outcome in terms of seeking to address the data-related issues to which we refer. 

Read the RSE paper here.

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