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NASA Chief Scientist Dr Ellen Stofan visits RSE for special schools event

Posted 27/02/2015

NASA Chief Scientist, Dr Ellen Stofan, is visiting the RSE today (Friday 27 February 2015) to deliver a talk about space to over 100 school pupils from Edinburgh, Livingston, Dunfermline and Monifieth.

Dr Stofan was appointed to her current position in August 2013, serving as principal advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the agency's science programs and science-related strategic planning and investments.

Prior to her appointment, Stofan was Vice-President of Proxemy Research in Laytonsville, Md., and Honorary Professor in the department of Earth sciences at University College London in England. Her research has focused on the geology of Venus, Mars, Saturn's moon Titan, and Earth.

Stofan is an associate member of the Cassini Mission to Saturn Radar Team and a co-investigator on the Mars Express Mission's MARSIS sounder. She also was principal investigator on the Titan Mare Explorer, a proposed mission to send a floating lander to a sea on Titan.

Dr Stofan is pictured at the RSE this morning (right) with Zoja Bazarnic, Principal Officer, US Consulate General Edinburgh.

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