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Nurse Review of Research Councils

Posted 16/04/2015

The RSE and the RSE Young Academy of Scotland have jointly responded to the Nurse Review of Research Councils, highlighting the pivotal role played by the Councils in the UK’s world-class research system: protecting the Haldane principle, driving and supporting excellence and forming a key leg of the dual support system for research funding.

While it is Government that rightly identifies the grand challenges facing society, the response identifies that Research Councils are necessary:

  • to engage with their research communities on the setting of priorities within their disciplines;
  • to facilitate government and societal engagement; and
  • to balance support for delivering immediate economic and social benefits arising from applied research with support for the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake that is crucial to the long-term strength, flexibility and competitiveness of the UK research base.

The Research Council system provides an essential link between the education system and innovation and must maintain strong links with both.  

Research Councils increasingly support interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and international collaborations. However, with strong leadership at RCUK level, they should continue to strengthen their activity and effectiveness in this area.

Similarly, Research Councils should further develop their links with Innovate UK and industry to ensure that both parties understand the implications and opportunities arising from research activity being undertaken and industry needs.

The full response can be found here.

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