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Entrepreneurial Education in Scotland

Posted 24/06/2015

The RSE Business Innovation Forum has examined and reported on the delivery of entrepreneurial education in Scotland. In doing so, members of the Forum met with stakeholders from across Scotland's entrepreneurial and education sectors to discuss young people's exposure to enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.

The report finds that Scotland's universities can play a leading role in developing a dynamic new generation of entrepreneurs. The report recommends that universities: Employ more teaching staff with practical experience of industry and entrepreneurship; support lecturers to increase their own industry awareness and capacity to introduce enterprise skills into courses; and establish a network of Enterprise Champions and a dedicated entrepreneurial strategy for each university.

In order to derive maximum benefit from Scotland's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, the RSE report recommends the establishment of an Entrepreneurship Education Forum, with Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council support, to bring together representatives from academia, private and public business support organisations and industry.

The full report can be read here.

The press release is available from here.

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