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Scottish Fiscal Commission proposals

Posted 26/06/2015

The RSE has responded to the Scottish Government's legislative proposals for putting the Scottish Fiscal Commission on a statutory footing.

The RSE is of the view that Scotland needs an independent fiscal body which is capable of providing authoritative and independent assessment of the fiscal position and the general prospects for the Scottish economy.

The Commission should not be restricted to reviewing and reporting on the forecasts prepared by the Scottish Government; rather, it should be able to originate its own independent forecasts and enquiries.

It is paramount that the Commission be independent of government influence, and be seen to be so. While the Commission should be directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament, clear and robust governance structures need to be in place to ensure that the Commission's work is not compromised.

The Commission's independence would be strengthened by ensuring that a Commissioner may not at the same time serve as a member of the Scottish Government's Council of Economic Advisers.

Read the full RSE submission here.

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