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Work and Outcomes of the Scottish Funding Council

Posted 04/09/2015

The RSE has responded to the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee consultation on the work and outcomes of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

The RSE is concerned that increasing intervention from the Scottish Government has eroded the arms-length relationship it has with the SFC. The RSE argues that in order to preserve the creative autonomy that has underpinned the performance of Scotland’s universities, Scottish Ministers should not seek to be overly prescriptive towards them.

The SFC should provide strategic leadership and support. The Scottish Government must ensure that the SFC is allowed to play a respected intermediary role. This includes the SFC transmitting to universities the priorities which Government wishes to see reflected in university work, but in a way that aligns with universities’ missions and strategies.  It also means the SFC communicating universities’ priorities to Government to be reflected in national policy making.

The response is available here.

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