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Work and Outcomes of Education Scotland

Posted 15/09/2015

The RSE Education Committee has responded to the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee call for evidence on the work and outcomes of Education Scotland.

The RSE has reiterated concerns about Education Scotland having responsibilities for both curriculum development work and for evaluation of those developments. The RSE has stated that consideration needs to be given to how Education Scotland determines and balances its priorities and how its own activities are independently evaluated.

The RSE response poses a number of questions for Education Scotland, including:

  • How does Education Scotland balance meeting the support needs of schools and teachers with its responsibilities for delivering Scottish Government priorities i.e. who does it see as being its main ‘customer’?
  • How does it mitigate risk given its operating structure?
  • What measures are in place to review its performance?


The RSE has also raised concerns that in approaching the final year of Education Scotland’s current corporate plan for the period 2013-2016, key strategic documents relating to organisational capability and independent evaluation have still to be published.

The RSE’s full response can be read here.

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