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RSE responds to the Nurse Review of the UK Research Councils

Posted 19/11/2015

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has responded to the publication today of the report by Sir Paul Nurse Ensuring a successful UK research endeavour. The RSE submitted comments in April to this review of the UK Research Councils.

The RSE is pleased that this long awaited report recommends a process of evolutionary change within a structure that retains the current seven Research Councils. How the recommended overarching new body Research UK (RUK) will relate to the various Research Councils needs further careful thought, especially in relation to financial accountability, if the proposed changes are to enhance the effectiveness of the current system, which already works well. The RSE notes that the UK Government has still to issue a detailed response to the Review and say whether it will implement the recommendations.

The RSE President, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, commented, “The Nurse Review has taken place in a context of a research system in the UK that works well and as such I welcome the clear recommendation that the seven disciplinary research councils are retained – mergers or changes to this structure at this stage could prove distracting to the Research Councils and ultimately could impact upon our research capability.”

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