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Christmas Lecture, 'Stampy's Christmas Cake Caper' now on CBBC iPlayer

Posted 25/11/2015

The hugely popular RSE Christmas Lecture is now available to watch online. Hear Chris van der Kuyl and Stampy discuss how to be a successful YouTuber and watch Stampy reveal his behind-the-scenes secrets as he creates a special Minecraft episode live on stage.

The buzz around this year’s Christmas Lecture has been amazing. When news broke that Minecraft legend Stampy Cat (aka Joseph Garrett) was coming to town, over 500 excited fans queued in the centre of Dundee; some from as early as 5.20am. The show sold out within a couple of hours.

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On the 30th November at the Caird Hall in Dundee, close to 2,000 local school children attended the day event and a further 2,000 fans witnessed Stampy in action during the evening event. The RSE hosts an educational Christmas Lecture every year, however this year's was bigger than anything that has come before.

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