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Briefing Paper for MSPs

Posted 27/05/2016

Following the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2016, the Learned Societies' Group on STEM Education in Scotland (the LSG) has prepared a briefing paper for MSPs, summarising key priorities for the delivery of STEM education in schools. The paper comments on:

 - The potential implications of the Scottish Government's National Improvement Framework for science education.

- The resourcing of practical science in Scotland's schools.

- The delivery of the new National Qualifications and the uptake of STEM subjects by pupils.

- The recruitment of STEM teachers.

The LSG's briefing paper to MSPs is available here.

The LSG comprises representatives from the: Association for Science Education; BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT; Edinburgh Mathematical Society; Institute of Physics; Royal Society of Biology; Royal Society of Chemistry; Royal Society of Edinburgh; and Scottish Mathematical Council.

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