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Delivery Plan for Scottish Education

Posted 11/08/2016

The RSE Education Committee has commented on the Scottish Government’s Delivery Plan for Delivering Excellence and Equity in Scottish Education. The RSE welcomes the action plan as evidence of the Government’s commitment to implementing the OECD’s recommendations on Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). In particular, the RSE welcomes the commitments to empowering schools, reviewing school governance, simplifying CfE, tackling teacher workload, and placing a greater emphasis on research and evidence.

We do however have serious reservations about the manageability of the Plan. We highlight the need for:

  • A strategic approach given the large number of disparate actions. 
  • Realistic timescales that enable widespread engagement on the Delivery Plan.
  • The focus to be on building the capacity of teachers and developing a leadership culture. 
  • Consideration to be given to the system constraints that have implications for the extent to which greater responsibility can be devolved to schools.
  • Much greater consideration to be given to the collection, analysis and use of data in informing improvement. 


The RSE response to the Delivery Plan is available here.

The RSE has also responded to the Delivery Plan action that Education Scotland is to set out a new statement on Curriculum for Excellence by the start of the new school term. The RSE comments are available from here.

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