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Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy

Posted 01/07/2011

The UK Government and Devolved Administrations are developing a UK-wide strategy for planning for and responding to an influenza pandemic, taking account of the experiences and lessons learned in the 2009 (H1N1) influenza pandemic.

In terms of maximising the utility and cost-effectiveness of the strategy, we recommend that it should have a broader focus and in addition to influenza pandemics it should also include epidemics. It is also important that it is developed with reference to the expertise and experience that exists internationally.

The key challenge will be ensuring that once developed, the strategy can be rolled-out in practice. A key part of this will include the establishment of an effective surveillance programme. The sharing of scientific information is a vital part of the process, but this is often not seen as a priority. Clarity and openness in communicating with the public should be a central part of the strategy, and will require a coordinated response from government, its agencies and the media.

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